Alll-mer is an Old god in Fear & Hunger and Fear & Hunger: Termina. The Last of the Old Gods, and one of the only two known mortals to have ascended to become an Old God because of his status as a half god and half man.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

Before Alll-mer became who he is today and worshipped as a God, he was born a mortal man. Born and raised in the city of Jettaiah within the Eastern Sanctuaries. Jettaiah would later become a Holy City because of Alll-mer being born there.

He was raised by a virgin mother, as Alll-Mer's father was a 'False God'. Whoever is this 'False God', we will never know, as his name is lost in history, but it could possibly be a New God from his time. Alll-mer was of humble origins. He began to become popular and rise to prominence because of his teachings. He was gathering his 12 Apostles to possibly bring forth a New World Order (called the Old World Order by the New Gods).

Before he could accomplish his ideal new world order, corrupt kings and sultans all over the Eastern Sanctuaries began to take note of his popularity amongst the masses because his ideal world united people under different religions and gods. They were feeling threatened by his power and the possibility of breaking down the Old World Order established by them. Alll-Mer was brought before those that held power and was sentenced to death. But not just any death, a painful and harsh death by crucifixion. Though this was after he received a public humiliation.

His death marked the beginning of a new calendar, as he died in the Year 0. When he died on the cross, he ascended to Ma'habre and became an Old God. This just served his purpose though, as he wanted to die and be crucified as a martyr of his faith, and pushed him just enough to become an Old God. Though it is unknown which Ma'habre he went to. The city itself? Or the true Ma'habre within the Green Hue? His mortal remains were laid to rest within the Ancient Tomb near the ancient city of Ma'habre. It still remains there to this day.

There, his plans started to go into motion. He returned to his weeping Apostles and gathered them together to carry out his plan to save humanity from the cruelty and tyranny of the Kings and Sultans. With his newfound strength as an Old God, he killed the Kings and the Sultans to avenge his death.

He brought forth a New World Order and a new era, with himself being the main center of worship and laid down tenets that are to this day still being followed and observed by a great many others, such as the Eastern Sanctuaries and Jettaiah becoming a holy city, and the Kingdom of Rondon. This New World Order would eventually become the Old World Order, which would be eventually supplanted by the Fellowship of the New Gods in the Year 809.

At that point, Alll-Mer was gone, either having gone earlier and ascended to take his place as an Old God. It is also of note that at the time of the Fellowship, the Old Gods had left mankind. The kingdoms of the world were slowly rotting away, and the grand values aimed for by mankind were replaced with defiled principles and practices. So in this sense, Alll-Mer might have been gone earlier and was not there to guide humanity.

He has another origin story written by Enki Ankarian in his Skin Bible of Alll-mer. It is said that Alll-mer was created by a master architect by the name of Vitruvia, after the architect herself wrote up the drawings of man and woman in the likeness of Sylvian since the Old God ordered her to do so. So, Vitruvia created Alll-mer when she started noticing imperfections in the design of humans by her, with the intent of creating the ultimate human being. The pinnacle of man's potential. He was born in the Year 0, suggesting that this version of Alll-mer already immediately went to work on creating his New World Order and displacing the Sultans and Kings of old. Overall, the similarities between the two origin stories are there, but are still different.

He might have possibly left the world since the Traces of Gro-Goroth said that the Old Gods left the world due to mankind's selfishness and ambition and their inability to see the purity in the ideas the Old Gods represent.

His symbol is the cross. The very thing that he died on.

Ideology[edit | edit source]

Because of his struggle being one of the main focuses of his life, he represents torment and the idea that one cannot go through life without suffering some sort of pain, trauma, etc. and struggling against anything that is oppressive like the corrupt kings and sultans of his time that eventually made a move and crucified him on the cross.

He may also represent the idea of sacrifice, and that one cannot gain something without sacrificing something from themselves. In this case, one of his spells, Blood Portal, requires one's blood in order to use and have access to areas without having to backpedal through areas one had already been through.

He represents humanity's endless determination and hunger to become more than just what they are, as he was a mortal but born from a False God and a mortal mother. He achieved the impossible and became a powerful God that matched the Old Gods like Gro-goroth, Sylvian, Vinushka, and Rher. Establishing a world order with himself being the main form of worship.

His spells that make water walking possible and turn water into wine are also an example of humanity overcoming their limits and doing extraordinary things.

Special 'Interaction'[edit | edit source]

If the player manages to find his corpse in the Ancient Tomb near Ma'habre, they can use the skill, Necromancy, on the corpse itself. However, nothing happens, except his penis is no longer flaccid but hard and straight.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His story seems to reference the story of Jesus Christ, who was also raised by a virgin mother and sired by God his father, gathered twelve apostles to spread the good word of God, was crucified, died for mankind's sins, ascended into heaven, rose again from the dead, told his disciples to continue spreading His and God's words to everyone, and he finally ascends for the last time, joining his Father up in the Kingdom of Heaven. However... unlike Jesus Christ, Alll-Mer murders all of the monarchs and the ruling bodies with his power, and sets up a new world order with him being the main center of worship.

Alll-mer's symbol.

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