The Black Witch is an encounter in Fear & Hunger.

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Location[edit | edit source]

She can first be found in a pocket dimension located in Level 2 Basement, accessible only by sinking through the floor.

The player will find themselves in a dimly lit area that mostly consists of a few small, empty rooms. While in this dimension, The Black Witch will periodically circle around the player every few seconds while the player is in the area, laughing. During her third appearance, she will initiate a fight.

The area is quite short and with very few containers to pillage, so if the player is fast enough, they can easily escape and avoid the encounter. The area also cannot be explored after the death of the witch and her body cannot be searched or skinned, making it more practical to avoid the encounter altogether.

If the player does not meet the Black Witch on the Basement, she can be encountered in the Ancient Grand Library, in present Ma'habre. From a gameplay perspective, it is better to face her in the Library because her body stays on the map after defeat, allowing the player to collect her soul.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Black witch used to be human, but she lost herself in the blood arts and succumbed to the darkness. She is now a slave to Gro-goroth, similar to the Yellow mages, channeling blood magic to kill her victims. Talking to her reveals that she is vicious and doesn't fear death and only sees it as a necessary step to take on her path (as a true Gro-goroth follower).

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As a blood magic user, the witch is a very formiddable opponent to face early on. Her dagger-wielding hand uses a stabbing attack, which has the chance to cause bleeding and infect the player, while her other hand performs blood magic and is capable of using Black orb.

Even though her HP pool is extremely low, this combined barrage of attacks makes her extremely difficult to face alone.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was referred to as male in earlier versions of the game.
  • The picture used for the enemy is called "Dark Angel", possibly drawing a connection to the White Angel
  • The Black Witch has a special soul stone which can only be acquired using an Empty Scroll.

Hidden passage[edit | edit source]

There is an hidden passage when you are in her domain. When you see the sarcophagus, go down and you'll see a room with a corpse. Down again and you'll see a grave with your name and your corpse inside (if you're marriage it'll be your former self).

A grave with a corpse of the player, found in a hidden passage in Flip side

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