The Demon Kid is a potential party member in Fear & Hunger.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Stat Starting Value
Attack 5
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32

The Demon Kid does not start with any equipment. Their combat capabilities are identical to those of the Girl, in that they can be controlled in battle and use weak weapons.

Their choice of weaponry is extremely limited; they can wield the dagger found in the hidden courtyard (+5 Attack), a skeletal arm (+20 Attack), or the cursed version of the dagger (+35 Attack). The Demon Kid cannot deal damage using an attack without a weapon. They can learn any of the spell or skill scrolls found throughout the game.

It cannot wear any heavy armor (such as the iron cuirass and plate mail, although it can wear head armor and leather armor pieces) or shields.

The Demon Kid can also be sacrificed the same way the Girl can, willingly being killed at a ritual circle, fed to The Human Hydra, or sold to Pocketcat. This is useful for players who want to use these options to advance with a more disposable party member.

The Demon Kid is not a viable choice for a Marriage due to not having reproductive organs; the action ends with no consequences. If the player tries to show love to its growing version, the gods will not approve such a vile act and will end the game.

Their bodies are unresponsive to soul stone usage should one of them fall in battle.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

The Demon Kid can be 'birthed' by using the Sylvian spell Demon Seed on a corpse. This will give the player a baby demon companion, who will grow at a supernatural pace until the game informs the player that the child is large enough to assist them in fights and allows them to name the child.

The Demon Kid can be spawned again if the player uses them for a Sacrifice, although Pocketcat will not accept a second Demon Kid.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The ability to create a child by mating with a corpse is mentioned in Blood & Flower magic I.

"I know of the 1st secret of Sylvian: If I sprinkle my seed inside the womb of a freshly deceased, the life that is left lingering in that corpse will sprout a son in my name. A son that will a life of violence." -Blood & Flower magic I.

Sylvian's flower magic is an expression of Sylvian's intense, twisted love for mankind. The ability to create life using the remaining life in a corpse is in alignment with this, but the child's violent tendencies are not.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Demon Kid's horn eyes resemble the horn eyes of the Night Lurch, a malformed creature that used to be a violent rapist.
  • Miro states that the design of the character had always been more so inspired by the Night Lurch.

Miro's statement about the inspiration of the Demon Kid's design.

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