The God of Fear and Hunger is a newly born being able to rival the Old Gods in Fear & Hunger and Fear & Hunger: Termina In Fear & Hunger, she makes a physical appearance as an end-game boss fought to reach Ending A.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

"A soul that radiates the light of an older god. The soul has formed itself inside the body of a little girl. The mother of the Ancient One is the Endless One and the father is the Man from the Prophecies. The results of such unholy union are unfamiliar to us." - The New Gods when asked about the Ancient One.

The Ancient One is a soul created by the mating of Nilvan, a new god, and Le'garde, the half-god human. The soul rests in the body of the little girl, and has been been laying dormant within her since she was born. It is this soul that allows her to ascend to godhood. Nilvan, wishing to fulfill her dream of humanity ascending beyond their mortal limits, tasks the player character (should they accept it) to take the girl, her daughter, to the heart of darkness - the Altar of Darkness within the body of the God of the Depths. When this place is reached, she will begin her ascension, and proceed to fight the player.

In Fear and Hunger: Termina, she is considered as one of the Old Gods and is worshipped by certain cults and has many spells related to her, such as Flesh Puppetry and Rot, making this ending canon. It is unknown which character took her to the altar of darkness.

Along with Alll-mer, she is the only human who has ascended to become an Old God. Her symbol resembles the letter 'M' with an upside down triangle below it, resembling the shape of the god and her first misshapen form.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The god is one of the most difficult bosses to fight due to her constant changing into new forms, gaining new abilities in the process. The fourth and final forms are the most dangerous because of the fourth form's Stampede of Arms ability that deals a lot of consecutive damage, and the final form's lethal coin toss stare that can nearly instantly kill the player and reduce their sanity and mind.

The player's party always starts this fight with three party members instead of four if they brought a full party, as the little girl is left to ascend to her god form. It is possible, however, to have four party members in her fight, as through exploits you can have Nas'hrah with you even if you have a full party and when you lose the little girl, he'll take her place in the party slot.

She is weak to the burning status. It is advised to immediately add this status debuff to her each time she transforms.

Giving the dagger and the little doll to the girl earlier in the game will make her reminisce about the good deeds you did for her and skip a turn with each phase, once for each object.

Ending A[edit | edit source]

If the player manages to defeat her, she acknowledges the player and the ending sequence plays out. The player will find themselves in the Level 10 area of the dungeon - The Bottom. A monologue by the god will begin as the player is stuck crawling on the ground, surrounded by a vast emptiness and the presence of the new god in her final form.

She asks the character whether he thought that he wouldn't be getting out of the dungeons at some point, finishing up by telling him to lay down and rest, and that something beautiful down here can be used to usher something new in the world, as she lets the player die peacefully and with mercy.

The God of Fear and Hunger's symbol.

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