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The Hexen Table is an object in Fear & Hunger that can be interacted with and found in a few locations. The first time you will likely encounter it will be Level 1 (Inner Hall).

It can be accessed either by using a Purifying Talisman or the Counter-Magic spell on the cursed door. The table when used provides an option to either Use The Hexen or Curse Equipment. It is especially important with the use of lesser souls. Using 1 soul will unlock 1 skill or spell.

Using The Hexen[edit | edit source]


The Hexen displays a skill-tree that allows the player to unlock spells and skills relevant to the chosen character. Every PC can learn any spell or skill with the use of an Empty Scroll and a Quill, while otherwise skillsets available to you are determined by which character you chose as the protagonist. Spells are determined by various other factors such as god affinity.

The left side of the tree is composed by skills. You start the game with a few beginning skills on one branch determined by your character's PLAY INTRO options. If you find and use a Book of the Forgotten Memories, it will instantly teach your character a skill unique to their tree.

Character Soul Skills
Cahara Endless Lockpicking, Steal, Backstab, Dash
D'arce Domination Defence Stance, Fast Stance, Counter, Leg Sweep
Ragnvaldr Torment Devour, Bloodlust, Marksmanship
Enki Enlightenment Counter-Magic, Greater Blood Magic

The right side of the tree is composed by spells. Spells available to you are based on your affinity with each god, indicated by the white halo around each symbol of the god. Some tiers are more difficult to unlock than others. Performing sacrifices, having sex with the Bunnymasks, and praying to a chosen god are all among many ways to increase affinities. Books and texts found in-game can hint the ritual practices to appease each.

God Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Gro-goroth (God of Destruction) Pyromancy trick, Blood golem Necromancy, Hurting Black Orb
Sylvian (God of Creation) Loving whispers, Pheromones Healing whispers N/A
Alll-mer (The Ascended One) Blood portal N/A N/A
God of the Depths Mastery over insects, Needleworm Flock of crows, Locust swarm N/A

Cursing Equipment[edit | edit source]

You may also spend lesser souls by cursing your equipment and adding additional attack buffs to them. The Items List page details the numerical increase of most weapons.

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