Locations[edit | edit source]

This is a list of Fear & Hunger's in-game locations

Name Location Note Encounter
Starting point Angry hound
Level 1


Level 2


Dungeon Maneba, Miasma (behind a metal door), Skeleton
Flip side Dungeon Black witch
Level 3


Dungeon Crow bed, Iron shakespeare, Ser Seymor
Level 1


Dungeon Prison Guard, Ghoul, Girl, masked man Isayah, sacrificial circles
Level 1 Courtyard Courtyard Hexen table
Level 1

Inner hall

Dungeon need Mockup book to enter Backyard Buckman, Dark priest, Enki, Prison Guard, Human hydra, Trotur
Level 2

Shit pit

Pit dead end
Level 1


Backyard need Explosive vial to enter Hidden backyard Bunnymasks, Butterfly, Ragnvaldr
Bunny Orgy Backyard Bunnymasks
Level 1

Hidden backyard

Backyard entrance to the ominous tree
Level 2


Level 3


Tree hidden spot to Cockroach King Mumbler
Level 5


Tree Assassin spectre, Cockroach King (hidden), Mumbler, Ragnvaldr
Level 5

Deeper thicket

Tree Heart of the God of the Depths
Level 2

Blood pit

Pit from Inner hall Lizardman, Nas'hrah
Level 3


Dungeon pull lever Cahara, Prison Guard, Ghoul, Cave gnome
Level 4


Cave Cave gnome, Cavemother, Moonless, Pocketcat
Level 5


Mine need Explosive vial to enter Level 6 Mines (different segment); hidden place behind Salmonsnake (need Walking on water) Armored knight, Crow mauler, Hexen table, Nightlurch, Nosramus, Lizardman, sacrificial circles, Salmonsnake, Spectral knight, Yellow mages
Level 6


Cave there are two different segments Cahara, Cave dweller, D'arce, Crow mauler, Prison Guard, Pocketcat, Yellow mages, Wolfmasks
Level 6

Altar of darkness

Cave need to cut open 3 hearts of the God of the Depths to enter Gaunlet Cave dweller, Cube of the Depths, God of the Depths
Level 8


God of the Depths pull 3 levers to open doors Moonless guard
Level 9


God of the Depths go back to Level 8 Gaunlet Double-headed Crow mauler
Level 9 God of the Depths end boss God of Fear & Hunger, Gro-goroth
Level 7


Dungeon from Level 6 Mines; need Cube of the Depths to enter Ancient city Crow mauler, Prison Guard, Heart of the God of the Depths, Hexen table, Le'garde, Nightlurch, Sacrificial circles
Tombs of the Gods Ancient city need to solve 3 puzzles to enter Level 2 Tombs of the Gods Bloody man, Body snatcher, Red man
Level 2

Tombs of the Gods

Ancient city Alll-mer, green hue, Maneba, Lady of moon
Passageway Ancient city
Inside Ancient city Ancient city inside buildings; pull lever for shortcut; need Old passage key to enter Old passage (near Temple of Endless) Bug-eyed figurine, Cave spider, Gaunt knight, Skeleton, Uterus
Center square Ancient city Mysterious pig statue
Temple district Ancient city left from Center square Ancient figurine, Busy figurine, Guardian figurine, Harvestman, Nameless figurine, Lord of flies, Statue of an eerie being
Pit of enlightenment left from Temple district New Gods
Grand Library Grand library solve puzzle to enter Inner sanctum Sacrificial circles
Inner sanctum Grand library boss fight Valteil
Back alleys Ancient city from Temple district; jump down the correct pit from Back alleys (in present time) to enter hidden Underground cave Scarab, White angel
Level 1

Temple of Torment

Temple of Torment from Back alleys, boss fight (need sacrifice) Chambara
Level 2

Temple of Torment

Temple of Torment need a sacrifice for boss fight Cave spider, Chambara, Red man
Underground cave Cave if you jump down the pit of torment (inside Temple of Torment): dead end; otherwise:

move the stone slab out of the way for shortcut to Back alleys; move the gridiron out of the way for shortcut to Temple of Torment

Husk of body, Sergal Spear (Ancient table, needs 4 arms), empty water tank (for clone)
Downtown Ancient city right from Center square; if you go through the Old passage: need Explosive vial for shortcut to Passageway Body snatcher (hidden), Jeanne, Lord of flies
Tower of Endless Ancient city right from Downtown Bed, Sacrificial circles
Kingdom of Rondon Tower of Endless Dark Priest, Enki, Plague doctor
Inside Rondon Tower of Endless inside different buildings Cahara, Pocketcat
Oldegård forests Tower of Endless Angry hound, Ragnvaldr, Ulve
House Tower of Endless boss fight Skin Granny
Highlands Tower of Endless D'arce, Girl, Le'garde, Nilvan
Old passage Ancient city inside a building, left from Tower of Endless; need Old passage key to enter; lead to Downtown (different segments)
Bridge Ancient city boss fight Old guardian
Golden Temple Ancient city from Center square; need 3 souls of the New Gods; need King's passage key for present time Angry hound, Francóis, Heart of the God of the Depths (present time), throne of ascension
The Void The Void accessed by sitting on the throne of ascension; large open area. baby blight, Blight, Greater Blight, Sylvian, Yellow king
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