Miasma is a unique sentient sword found in Fear & Hunger, and is one of the strongest weapons found in the game.

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Location & description[edit | edit source]

"An otherwordly sword that oozes toxic gasses. The sword is said to house the strength of 6 men."

Miasma is found behind a locked door in the Dungeon's basement. You need the Crow Emblem Key (which is dropped by the Crow Mauler) to access the door leading to Miasma. Defeat the Crow Mauler as a test of your might and skill in the game, and the player is rewarded with the Miasma.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • +92 Attack, 10% Bleeding

Side effects[edit | edit source]

Equiping Miasma can have catastrophic side effects - it can possess and torment its holder with voices that lead to insatiable bloodthirst.

If the main character has the sword equipped and happens to walk through specific maps with low Mind Points, a cutscene will be triggered: Miasma will take hold on the character's mind, causing them to slaughter all present companions.

Miasma can also possess a wielding party member with low Mind Points - Cahara, D'arce, Ragnvaldr, and Enki are susceptible to its effects and will engage the player's party in battle, influenced by the sentient sword's hunger for blood in a cutscene. It is possible to avoid the fight altogether if the player stays silent when the sword's voices are tormenting the wielder - the character can also be saved during battle with an Elixir of Mind. Targetting Miasma in the fight is also a possibility, but it will sever the character's arm. Regardless of how the altercation is solved, Miasma can be collected again.

If Le'garde is using the sword, it will not be able to make him attack the party, with him saying he can handle its effects. So it might be preferable if Le'garde wields the weapon instead of the other party members.

The possession event is one-time only: it won't happen again in the same playthrough, even if a different wielder is used.

The cutscenes can be triggered at the following spots:

  • Level 3 - Basement
  • Ancient City - Tomb of the Gods

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Miasma is a legendary sentient sword which will communicate to the player by making them hear a voice in their head.

  • "Come and find me. Let the blood flow." (Upon interacting with a heavy iron door)
  • "You miserable mortal worm,"
  • "You wish to use me?"
  • "Chaos, pain and misery."
  • "Those are the reasons I was created."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The weapon is inspired by Soul Edge, the cursed sword of the Soulcalibur series. Both have the same design (both are single edged swords with an eye near the guard of the blade), both have bloodthirsty tendencies, both thrive in chaos, pain, and misery of the world, and both are sentient weapons.
    • In the recent updates of the game, Miasma is now a dangerous and risky weapon to use as party members equipped with it will at certain points go crazy and fight the player and his party. Or if the player is equipped with the weapon, they will go crazy at a certain point and kill everyone in the party. The only one immune to the weapon is Le'garde.
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