Moonless is a special encounter and potential party member in Fear & Hunger. A large wolf-like creature with jutting teeth and four eyes, she was most likely mutated by the darkness of the dungeon the game takes place.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

"A lone cave wolf who was once driven away from her pack because of her superior strength. The black has its way of changing the nature of wolves." - The New Gods when asked about Moonless.

Moonless is a cave wolf that used to be a part of a pack of other wolves like her. Because of her superior strength, she might have been the matriarch of the group. However, she was driven away by them because of this same strength. It might have been because of the black, and the madness and sickness it induces in all living creatures living within the areas under influence of the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger.

So now she roams the caves alone, in search of food for herself and perhaps for a new pack whom she can call her own, wherever that may be.

Recruiting[edit | edit source]

Moonless is a special encounter that can be found when descending into the cavern using the elevator from the blood pit. She can be recruited as a party member by talking with her during battle and offering rotten meat twice. If you refuse to let Moonless join the party when offered, she will not appear again.

In hardmode, it is impossible to recruit unique allies to your party. Offering Rotten Meat in this situation will make Moonless get angry instead.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Stat Value
Attack 16
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 20
Luck 32

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Moonless cannot wear any equipment and is AI-controlled. Her basic attack is called Bite, which can cause bleeding. She also comes with an extra turn at the start of each round after the first one, exactly like the skill Fast Attack.

She randomly "marks territory" throughout the game, which is her equivalent of "leveling up", and eventually leads to learning a better biting attack. The spots of marking for this is such as pillars, poles and fencings-alike structures.

Moonless does not have a Fear assigned to her when she joins the party, which means she has no penalties against any kind of enemy. You are also able to feed Moonless rotten meat without fear of getting her poisoned. Also she have no penalty for spirit exhaustion, but still can be killed by spirit-draining attacks.

Moonless will not be accepted by The Human Hydra as food and is not a viable partner for a Marriage, but she can be sacrificed at the altars.

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