Nas'hrah is an unique encounter and possible ally in Fear & Hunger.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

"The previous new god who held the libraries as his own after the great Betel. How Betel fell for the pathetic tricks Nas'hrah pulled against him is a complete mystery to us. Nas'hrah was not content with what we have here. That miserable worm... The old fool... His mind was weak, his body was weak and most of all, he couldn't hold his own against the pressure this place has on people. Without reason he used to sodomize everyone who stood in his way... That is how he desired to spend his days instead of the true godhood we have here." - The New Gods when asked about Nas'hrah.

Nas'hrah, the self-proclaimed "doom and terror of modern man". He is an extremely powerful wizard studied in blood magick. The Yellow Mages seem to be his followers, as well as followers of Gro-goroth.

He preceded Valteil in the grand libraries, but was betrayed by the other new Gods, and wants to enact revenge upon them. When confronting three of the four other Gods, Nas'hrah will have dialogue expanding upon the lore of the game, mocking their pitiful attempts at ascension.

Location & behavior[edit | edit source]

Nas'hrah is a floating, black haired, bodyless head with a thick moustache.

He can be found in the Level 2 Blood Pit early in the game by searching the piles of bodies. The game will warn the player about having a "bad feeling about this". Continuing will make Nas'hrah appear, complain about the player disturbing his sleep, and initiating a battle.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Although Nas'hrah has an HP pool (9000 HP~), there is no in-game method to defeat him or his Ancient Demon (who also has the same amount of HP).

At the start of the fight, the wizard will begin cackling and summoning a massive monster which takes four turns to arrive and then instantly kills the player on the fifth turn. This outcome can be avoided either by escaping (as the wizard does not chase the player) or recruiting the wizard.

If the player runs away, Nas'hrah will disappear and will be gone for the remainder of the playthrough.

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

If the player has the Eclipse Talisman (obtainable from Yellow Mages) equipped, along with having the Cube of Depths in possession and having visited Ma'havre, the wizard can be recruited by talking each turn as he notices the talisman. Correctly answering his questions will make Nas'hrah sympathize with the player's boldness when facing certain doom, and, at the last moment, he will comment about the cube. If the player then agrees to kneel before him, the battle will end with Nas'hrah joining the party.

Nas'hrah cannot carry any equipment, does not need to eat since he lacks a body, and cannot die, always staying alive with 1 HP. He knows all the damaging spells that stem from greater blood magic - Pyromancy trick, Hurting, and Black orb.

Having Nas'hrah in your party unlocks unique dialogue options throughout the game based on the events encountered.

Special interaction - Show love[edit | edit source]

If the player tries to show love to Nas'hrah, a special event occurs. He'll initially comply, saying, "Why of course", only to promptly burn the player to a crisp, saying "Nothing gets me turned on than burnt meat." He immediately burns the player and kills them, resulting in a game over.

Special interaction - Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

If the player tries to sacrifice Nas'Hrah on Ritual Circle, a special event occurs. He'll start yelling on player, "Sacrifice me? SACRIFICE ME?!", burning the player instantly, saying "Let's make a sacrifice for the fire god himself!!."

Special interaction - Gro-goroth[edit | edit source]

If the player brings Nas'hrah to the Altar of Darkness without the Girl, they will face off against Traces of Gro-Goroth. Nas'hrah will start insulting the Old God, looking forward to his destruction, and, after a few lines of dialogue, Gro-goroth will obliterate Nas'hrah before he can even finish talking. The fight then begins, with one less party member. This illustrates how immeasurable the power of the old gods is compared to the new ones.

Dungeon Nights[edit | edit source]

Nas'hrah in Dungeon Nights

Nas'hrah also appears in the easter egg game mode Dungeon Nights. He's one of the main characters in the plot and he serves a role as a teacher. He keeps his arrogant personality and has a vast knowledge about story, magic and geography.

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