The prison guard is one of the first foes encountered in Fear & Hunger. He is a formidable opponent, greatly representative of the dangers one might expect deeper in the dungeons. He is a weaker version of the Elite guard.

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Location & Behavior[edit | edit source]

The guards are usually the first enemy encountered after entering the main gates to the dungeons, on the Level 1 Entrance, which is filled with them. More are featured in the Level 3 Prisons and Level 7 Catacombs. Guards encountered at level 7 may be pollinated.

Upon seeing the player, he will instantly give chase at a great pace, and is very likely to catch up to the player unless player has other means of escaping.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The guard either wields a meat cleaver (leaving one of his hands free) or a ballista, if found in certain areas such as the prison. It is advised to always hack off the hand holding the cleaver or crossbow first as any hit you receive from them have a high chance of either cutting off one of your arms (meat cleaver) or causing bleeding (crossbow).

The guard wielding the meat cleaver will use its free hand to attempt the ability Mad Dash from its second turn - a coin toss ability, which, if successful, unleashes a series of consecutive hits at the player character that are often high damage and likely to kill them.

The best way to avoid this is to guard after cutting off the meat cleaver arm - the coin toss attack will be completely avoided. This can then be applied every second turn afterward to negate this attack (if his empty arm is still intact).

The guard wielding the ballista uses both of his hands to hold the weapon and thus will not grab the player. Instead, he spends the first turn setting up an arrow to shoot in the next turn, giving the player time to cut off the contraption.

The guard occasionally uses the ability Stinger Thrust with his stinger, which deals moderately high damge.

After both the hands and the stinger have been cut off, he will attack by tackling the player, which deals relatively low damage, but may defeat a worn-out character.

Another way to take him down is by using the Kiting strategy.

Death Sequence[edit | edit source]

Guard raping Cahara.

If the player is defeated, instead of the standard game over, there is a chance that the player will either have their body thrown into the meat walls of Level 2 Blood Pit with both legs disabled, or carried into the cells of the Level 3 Prisons, where they are raped by the guard (if his stinger is still intact), causing both of the player's legs to be disabled and the anal bleeding status effect.

Loot[edit | edit source]

There are the various sets of items dropped by the melee variant:

  • Meat Pie and Moldy Bread
  • Meat Cleaver and Loincloth
  • Small key
  • Arm, Leg, and a Skeletal Arm

The ballista variant usually carries arrows.

If you have the Assassin's handbook and Skinning knife, you can also skin the guard to obtain a Guard skin.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Prison Guard wielding a ballista, sometimes seen in Level 3 Prisons

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