The Fellowship is a book telling you about the New Gods, obtainable randomly by wandering through the darkness of the libraries in Fear & Hunger

"In the following pages tell of the events that took place in the year 809 after the birth of our christ, The Ascended One....the tale of the fellowship is famailiar to many but few know the factual story of which all the poems and songs are made of. The fellowship consisted of 5 people: Francois - the eyes for the blind, Nilvan - the mother for the pure, Valteil - the scholar of arts, Chambara - the Tormented One, and then there was the fifth, he who never aspired for the same greatness as the rest of the party....whose story bears no listeners....The Forgotten One. The fellowship was formed to seek the older gods, who left humanity without guidance, without aid in the times of great peril."

There is still much more to the Lore of the Fellowship that we still have to uncover, but until then, dwell in your own imagination...


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