The Old God of human sacrifices, but this is what is left of the being that was the Old God Gro-Goroth. He is the final boss fought to reach Ending B.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

Gro-goroth is the god of destruction and human sacrifices who originates from the green hue. He embodies death and all it encompasses — chaos, anarchy, sacrifice, and war. Destruction is seen as a part of the natural order, and death is necessary to pave the way for nascence and growth, as described in Studies of Gro-goroth. He gifted blood magic to mankind and almost all spells that are associated with him (Hurting, Black Orb) are used offensively. As the god of human sacrifices, he wishes for blood to be spilled in his name.

The player gains alignment with the god by sacrificing teammates in the ritual circles or taking part in the Wolfmasks cult, where its participants maim each other and feast upon their own flesh in honor of Gro-goroth.

He grants his followers and disciples incredible power but also corrupts them - the Black Witch and Yellow Mages are incredibly powerful beings, but also fragile in body. The Black Witch is described by the New Gods as a "slave to Gro-goroth".

Gro-goroth's symbol

Since humankind took over Ma'habre, like most other of his kin, the Old God has started to fade away, disgusted by the selfishness, narrowmindedness, and ambition of mankind as they have no understanding of the purity and beauty of the ideas he represents, as each human interprets the pure ideas of the Gods differently.

His symbol is the cutting of the two rings, seen on the tails part of the coin flip.

In Fear and Hunger: Termina, he and Sylvian are revealed to have mated together and he sired a son called Vinushka, the God of Nature.

A book containing a depiction of Gro-Goroth, drawn in a tribal artistic style.

A depiction of Gro-Goroth seen when reading the dreaded Necronomicon. The Gods' symbols are also seen on the bottom right. The symbol at the top is Gro-goroth's symbol of two cutting rings. Below it is Sylvian's symbol of the opened eye. Below the opened eye is the runic R spelled backwards, a symbol of the God of the Depths.

Location[edit | edit source]

Gro-goroth be found within the Altar of Darkness, deep inside the body of the God of the Depths, and only if the player doesn't have the Little Girl in his party.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As a representation of one of the Old Gods - the literal god of destruction - and the final boss for ending B, he is extremely powerful, has a high amount of HP and possesses several dangerous, powerful attacks.

The biggest source of danger are his claws, which, using the skill Claw of a God, deal high damage and cause limb loss. His five eyeballs, if left open, will squirt molten upon a random party member, causing medium damage and possibly the burn effect.

His spells are not any better - Burning gaze attacks the entire party with moderately low damage, and his other unique attack called Whispers of Gro-goroth makes a random party member passively take more damage and begins a timer that will kill the party member once it reaches zero after a few rounds. He casts it immediately at the beginning of the fight.

The fight can be cheesed by using poison or burning as it deals 1000 damage each, each round.

If the player has Nas'Hrah in the party while beginning the fight, Nas'Hrah will spurt a short dialogue about destroying the old god, after which, Gro-goroth will instantly kill Nas'Hrah.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gro-goroth's name may have originated from Gorgoroth, a desolate region in the Lord of the Rings. Gorgoroth is located in Mordor, a heavily fortified volcanic land that serves as the stronghold of evil forces such as orc armies and other monsters.
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