The God of Nature. He is an Old God, who is the son of Sylvian and Gro-goroth. Currently there is little known about him other than him being a new Old God introduced in Fear and Hunger: Termina.

His symbol is a swirling maelstrom, signifying an ever-changing state within nature itself.

"The older god that came to be from the Union of Sylvian and Gro-Goroth. Vinushka is synonymous with the nature. The god appears in different forms in different regions of the world. This is only natural as the nature itself appears in different forms around the world as well." - The New Gods when asking about Vinushka.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name bears a resemblance to the real life Hindu God called Vishnu. Vishnu is part of the Hindu triad, the trimurti, which consists of himself, Brahma the Creator, and Shiva, the Destroyer. Vishnu is called the Preserver and is notable for adopting various incarnations (avatars such as Rama and Krishna) to preserve and protect dharmic principles whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos, and destructive forces.
  • In that sense, Vinushka could be seen in a Triad of Gods between himself, his father Gro-goroth, and his mother Sylvian, though he seems to maintain the neutral and nature-like aspects of Gro-goroth's destruction and chaos, and Sylvian's fertility and love.
  • He seems to have some relationship with Iki Turso, a giant tree creature in the forest who claims to be waiting for him. It is unknown what their relationship is, but Iki Turso might be Vinushka's creation.

Vinushka's symbol.

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